We created FireUp because we believe that sports unite people and act as a balm for communities in pain. Sport reveals the extreme passion and awesome capacity of the human spirit. Athletes around the world inspire us, not through victory, but through an ineffable, sometimes spiritual, bond we develop with them after witnessing their hardships and their drive. There is purity in our relationships with athletes that only sports can provide—they have the incredible power to transcend politics, religion, sex, color, gender, and nationality.

The times we’ve swung a broomstick at a rock on a sizzling inner-city street, or hurled our bodies down an icy mountain in thick fog count for something more than pleasant memories. The platform of sports has an immense potential to improve the world. FireUp exists to lead the technological revolution that will facilitate and realize the peace forged by connections between fans, athletes, brands, media creators and charities. We strive to make the basic elements of the game our trademark, and we want to tell the right story. The best tales are never just about the game.

Mitt Coats
Architect, CEO
Sam Gutiérrez
Designer, CBO
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